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    May 2, 2016
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    I am a new chicken owner (my first 11 chicks are in the brooder).
    I am trying to put some ideas down on paper for the coop. it's going to be a DIY coop. My husband wants it to be mobile so that the chickens will have access to fresh grass etc. He plans to pull it with the truck or tractor wherever he wants it to go.

    I would like a top on the run to help with predators and the birds flying out.

    I am wondering if I need to have a door that closes every night from the coop to the run or if it can be open 24/7 when the weather is good enough. Our winters get to 0 degrees regularly, so I understand the idea of closing in in the winter time, but when the weather is warm, I would love to leave it open all the time. This would allow the chickens to go out when they wake in the morning AND it would prevent me from needing to manually close it each night. Also if we are away overnight, I can have people check on them without people having to be here at night or first thing in the morning to let them in and out.
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    The peeps on the "predators and pests" forum may also add something, but making a run that is both (relatively) portable and prevents critters digging underneath may be your biggest challenge I'd imagine.

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    Without seeing a final design, the only advice I would offer is that if your run is as secure as your coop, there is no need to lock them up at night.

    It would be your responsibility to evaluate.

    Many predators take advantage during nighttime hours.

    My run is as secure as my coop, all six sides, door to run is open 24/7.
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