Limping chicken / funky eggs


May 20, 2019
Kennett Square, PA
Wanted to take a moment to thank you @aart and @coach723 for taking your time to help me out with my questions.

Also wanted to provide an update, in case other members run across this thread and hopefully find it useful.

I had a fecal float completed at a local facility. The results showed mild roundworm load. No other worms, no coccidia. The recommendation was DE in the food, regularly. Not enough of a load to warrant chemicals - music to my ears!

The hen in question has improved greatly - no longer limping. She continues to lay rubber eggs, then a regular - well, regular / irregular. Her 'normal' eggs seem to be misshapen and somewhat larger, especially leading up to the findings of worms in her droppings. I have not seen any diarrhea, and have not seen any worms since the one and only time. Will continue to monitor, of course.

I was so impressed with UPenn's New Bolton campus and staff, and feel so lucky to have an avian lab just around the corner. I will not hesitate to have a fecal float done again in the future if I suspect anything moving forward.

May you and your flocks keep well! Thanks again!

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