Limping chicken v unsteady on legs

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  1. sillycow1981

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    Dec 18, 2013
    Hi all apologies if this has been answered before am new to this forum malarky! I have 4 ex-battery hens and i found one a few days ago lying in the mud having trapped her leg under the coop (think she was digging herself out aka 'the great escape' styley. Since then she has been v reluctant to walk, she is able to stand and wobble about but prefers to lie down with legs to the side of her, no obvious injury/break, both legs are warm and she will walk with some it just rest and recooperation (sorry for intended spelling!!)
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    Being an ex-battery hen, was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? Some other diseases can have neurological symptoms, but most of them has respiratory or arthritis symptoms, too. Mareks is fairly common and can have many differing symptoms from neuro, skin or eye abnormalities, to tumors. I would also consider a vitamin deficiency as a cause.
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    She may have sprained or strained her legs on something, especially if you saw her with her leg stuck under the coop. I'd isolate her in a well bedded area/dog crate/cage and start giving her vitamins. If its an injury, this should help her heal.

    As Eggcessive said, this could also be Marek's or a vitamin deficiency. If its Marek's, there isn't much you can do to help her. Treating with vitamins could help if its a vitamin deficiency.
  4. sillycow1981

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    Dec 18, 2013
    Hi thanks for the replies, which vitamins do i give her and how much etc...i do think it's a sprain of some sort have been helping her to stand today is there any physio i could do or is it just rest and encouragement?
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    May 9, 2013
    If you know for a fact that her leg was trapped,then i would say she sustained a leg injury. You could try an epsom salt soak,this is great for sprains/sore muscles. Keep her quiet/calm,make sure she is eating/drinking,keep her inside and monitor her. I would not do any physio just yet,as her leg is tender judging by your description of how she is acting.

    For vitamins(if you feel she has a vitamin deficiency)you can give her polyvisol infant drops without iron,give 1-2 drops on her beak so it rolls into her mouth.
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