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  1. I noticed that one of my ducks is limping. I picked him up to investigate but I didn't see any wounds or problems. But I did notice that he's missing the back claw on the leg he's not stepping on. Maybe he got his leg caught and ripped his claw out? Is there anything I should do for him?
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    Watch out for infections, that can be the reason for not walking on it. Touch the feet and check for temperature differences or swelling, because that would definitely be a sign of infection. You will need antibiotics if an infection starts. If there is no sign of infection then it may just need to heal and may only be sensitive for a few days. Mine broke off its back nail and was bleeding. No infection, so I've got lucky there.
  3. Okay I'll check on that.

    When your duck did that was it limping?

    I just think it's weird he's limping because he's missing a nail he doesn't walk on...
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    i have only 3 free range ducks. the other 100 or so are penned. anyway, one day i noticed the drake had a hard limp. like struggling to walk, limp. nothing appeared to be obvious, so i let him be and as the days progressed, he got better. after about 3 weeks, he was right as rain. there is always a chance it could have been caught on a root, stepped on a sharp stob or rock, or a simple sprain. but who knows. just watch it close and if it is infected make sure he gets medicated and plenty of CLEAN water and and ample share of the food. he will need all of those things to overcome an infection.
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    My duck's back toe was a little bit swollen and bloody. She was not limping, but clearly sensitive when something touched it. I left her alone, because I wanted her to be calm and not hurt it any further. The next day it still looked the same but no further swelling, so I gave it another day. The following day the swelling was gone completely, and she didn't seem to be sensitive. So it was more like a ripped off toe nail, with the associated swelling and little pain. I would have taken more action, if the swelling would have gotten worse or had any other indications that it was not getting better. The limping can be a strain, which can take a while. So monitor him closely and take immediate action if it get worse. You can try a pan with warm water to get the circulation going. This can make it heal faster. I would suggest to put chamomile tea into the warm water bath. Chamomile is antiseptic, good for the wound, and you do not have to worry if your duck drinks it. I would also add vitamins/electrolytes to the drinking water, it just strengthens the duck's immune system and may help him healing faster. If there is nothing broken then it should heal in time. Just watch out for any infections, because they can be really bad for a duck.

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