Limping pullet!!!!

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  1. RooptyDoo

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    Oct 9, 2008
    I have a limping pullet. She is about 4 months old. She can put weight on it but, doesnt like to at all. She doesnt move much because of it hurting her. She just lays in one spot unless she see us with a treat. She is in the house because the other chickens started picking on her and not letting her eat. No wounds. No bumblefoot. She has been like this for about 3 days. What could this be?
  2. Bammony

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    Aug 15, 2008
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    Could the leg itself be hurt? Bruised? Could there be a cut under her feathers? I dunno. Just throwing out ideas. [​IMG]
  3. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    check the whole back/hip/leg/foot areas including joints, for any heat or swelling to check for injury..
    she might have jumped or banged herself..
    feel for possible hip joint injury..

    wouldn't hurt to recheck the bottoms of feet and between toes.
    look close for splinters..
    check legs for raised scales or crust.

    have hen on soft bedding with food and water close by.

    a little plain yogurt and cooked egg yolk wouldn't hurt along with vitamins.

    describe droppings..color and consistency..

    if you think she has an injury, you can make a hammock..some people use face masks, or she can rest the leg at least a little during the day.
    make sure she can reach food and water, and the vent is clear.
    a little aspirin might help if there is swelling..
    1 (1mg) aspirin crushed into 1 quart of water.

    hope then gets better.
  4. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Southeast USA

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