Lining incubator floor with newspaper for hatching? (CA Quails)


Aug 20, 2019
I have this incubator. When you put the eggs in lockdown, you remove the "incubation grid", and you set the eggs on their side on the "hatching grid" (see photo). You pour water in the bottom so that it can evaporate and provide humidity.

I have 5 California (Valley) quail eggs and it's day 17. Lockdown begins tomorrow. I'm concerned because the "hatching grid" has holes in it (which are possibly an appropriate size for chickens, but CA quails are much smaller...) I don't want the chicks to get injured or end up with splayed limbs. I got this to line the hatching grid, but I'm worried it's too porous and the holes are too large, so the chicks' feet could still get stuck or something. Should I just line it with newspaper instead? Will that mess up the humidity? I also want to avoid mold/fungus growth...

EDIT: I also have denim fabric and felt, if those would work?
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