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Oct 13, 2019
Calistoga, CA
I have planned to line my new coop floor in vinyl linoleum... I have seen lots of posts on this for the coop, but have not seen people say it is in their nesting box area as well? Any advice? Almost done with the finishing touches with our garden bed - to - coop remodel!


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Sure! Linoleum scraps in the nest boxes are cool! I cut scraps to fit each box, and a few times a year, I easily pull them out to clean them. It's a lot easier to wash dried egg yolk off a scrap outside than to try to scrape and wash the box.

I even mount the vinyl scraps on the walls behind the roosting perches as splash guards. Spray with a cleaning liquid and wipe with a paper towel for easy maintenance. It looks pretty spiffy, too.


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did you line the nesting boxes with linoleum? Does anyone do that? Why/why not? Hope you've got chickens init by now!
I do. Well, vinyl not linoleum.
Have a piece that fits snug in the bottom of each nest and an extra,
makes it easy to quickly clean out broken egg messes....just lift the whole thing out and replace.
No glue, they fit pretty snug tho so need my jack knife to pry the edge up.
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