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hahaha so I don't keep telling folks to ditch windows (and mac's make me feel all icky after working on them) I decided to quit thread jacking others threads
I personally run Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and modded it with Ultamatixx for those pesky codecs that don't come with the US distribution. What does everyone else run? PS, I have 9.10 remix for netbooks on my acer
I run the entire OS off a zip drive, and keep the 140gb drive for windows... I still can't convince all of my customers to switch over so this is a good happy medium.

What all do you run? Why do you use Linux, and when did you switch over?
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We hate windows, but DH is the computer god here and says Linux would be too hard for me. I suggested apple & he said "not in my house!"
You give me hope Boyd
I'll ask again about Linux.
Right now we have to use windows xp to run some things, like me getting photos from my file on his computer, as W7 isn't compatible.
We should make a Ubuntu Chicken edition. There's already Christian, student, devil and Muslim editions so why not a chicken one? It could have Flock Manager installed by default! Yippee! And make a custom version of Software Center named Feed Store with .egg packages!
What shall it be called? Roobunto?
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I've tended to install the latest devs of Ubuntu on my machines, where they sit basically unused on their partitions because I use them for work and gaming mostly. 9.10 ran out of the box perfect on my alienware M15x, which is a first for me, usually I have to tweak something.
But with windows you'd have just about the same issues finding drivers etc.

TM Chickens - I love the idea lol. I'm not a developer though, but bet my kid brother could figure it out!!
There are some easily used flavors of Linux out there that have a similar feel to Windows. You could start with Knoppix which you can boot straight from disk if you wanted to give it a go without installing anything.
Your hubby could probably also set you up with a dual boot system so you could still keep windows while you played with Linux.

Hubby is into freeBSD and has been as long as I've known him. He uses it on all his computers except the one he uses to login remotely to work.

I used Slackware until I wanted to install World of Warcraft and though I don't play the game anymore I haven't reinstalled it. Dunno why really. Played around with some of the other older Linux flavors too, but always felt more comfortable with Slackware... LOVED THE NAME TOO!

My boys liked Mandrake which I guess is Mandriva now. Very easy to use and very stable... at least it was when it was Mandrake, I haven't used it since the name change.
For those of us who only know a little about this stuff, changing over to a new system is a little scary. Puters aint cheap and one can lose one if he dont know what he is doing. I've heard of this Linux stuff but never seen it.

If it can do this I would be happy.

Allow me to access all websites I normally access

Not take a year to start like my Windows program does. I've always wanted to turn a computer on and it actually turn on righ then. I could be persuaded to believe that 5 or 6 seconds would be an ok time to wait.

Still allow me to play solitare. I have to play solitare evey day. Even if I cant spell it right.

Have photo imaging software that even I could use well.

Have a program like MS Word. I like my word. Word.

Have an easy to use spreadsheet program. My math sucks and I could use some easy spreadsheets. Excel aint easy.

Turn off fairly quickly.
Try this Knoppix. You don't need to install it, just boot it from CD or DVD. That way you can play around and see if you like it.

MS Word stuff, also has spread sheets and everything else you would find in word... Open Office , it's free and you can get it for Linux or Windows

Like photoshop but don't like the price then try out Gimp also free and also has downloads for Linux and Windows.

Not sure about photo imaging, but am sure there's something out there.

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