Listless week old duckling, please help, AND FAST!


5 Years
Aug 13, 2018
I have this duckling that hatched 6 days ago and they’ve been doing fine, until this morning when I came to check on them, they were completely listless. I feed them Purim’s Duck feed by grinding it up for them, and fresh water as the feed includes required niacin and pre and probiotics. They have no discharge from eyes or nose, are pooping fine, I hear no clicks or gurgling when they breathe. They MAY be breathing a LITTLE on the fast side. And every once in a while they will pick their head up and chirp a little. I saw them take a brief drink once. I tried to hand feed them and give them water, with no luck.

Any and all advice as to anything I can try to save this little sweetie will be greatly appreciated.
Is it indoors or out?
If indoors do you have a thermometer to see what the temp is in the area it's been living in?

Was the water you gave cold?
Unfortunately, by the time I put my post up and went back to check on him, he passed very shortly after. Very sad. But to answer your question I have my brooder in the barn. I do not have a thermometer, but I do have a heat light on part of the brooder. The rest of the ducklings(4 at this point) appear to be doing well. Their water is Luke warm when I give it to them although I’m sure it doesn’t stay that temp.

The little one that passed, at the end he couldn’t pick his head up off the floor(his neck was very floppy), and when he tried to stand up he flopped on his back and his feet kicked. I’m only describing this in case it helps figure out what happened to him. Thanks for your reply! And thanks for all your help.

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