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Apr 8, 2013
Most of what I know about chickens, came from my grand parents. Gramps was born in a wagon coming from Tennessee and granny was raised on a reservation in Oklahoma, and with 9 kids they raised every thing they ate. Their chickens got all the kitchen scraps except meat or bone, along with what ever grain was cheap. When the barn was cleaned out it was put in the corner of the chicken run, for the chickens to "work". Their waterer was a brick lined pit with a pan below the frost line the chickens could get down to that rarely froze. Coon, opossum carcass never went to waste. the were put in a bucket with holes in the bottom and sides, and a tight lid and hung in the run about 4 ft. off the ground. The fly larva would fall through the holes giving the chickens a high protein treat. The eggs they didn't sell, were dipped in waterglass and put in the cellar for when the hens quit laying. They did this up until the mid 70's. Just thought I would share a little bit of a different perspective on raising chickens.
Love it. My husband is always reminding me that these types of things don't have to be complicated. It's nice to be reminded that it's okay to chill out and just go with what seems right.
Great story. Loved listening to my grandpa talk about the old days & how things were done & animals were raised. I have a pic of my grandpa from when he was about 3 months old, sitting on his mothers lap & surrounded by brothers & sisters. Even the family dog was in the corner of the pic. Families were big back then - he has been gone now for about 10yrs.

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