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12 Years
Jun 6, 2007
Has anybody used a Little Giant brand incubator?? Was it any good etc??

Saw one on EBay. For some reason, I would really like to try out hatching eggs at home. Seeing everybody's posts about incubating, hatching etc., has got me wanting to try it out!!

Is there a minimum number of eggs you need to hatch at once since it holds 50 - 100 eggs?? I just don't know how many eggs I want to start with!!
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I have 2 LG's and they do just fine!
Enjoy if you get one, but a word to the wise on those.....
when you turn for just turn a hair and the temp goes up! so just very slight turn in either direction.

anyway goodluck!
I do not care for LG's. They can be a pain in the tuckus. I prefer the Hovabator. Save yourself alot of guessing ans frustration and get theHovabator Genesis 1588 made by GQF . Get the egg turner if you can. This incubator is preset. The hard work is done for you. Add water, eggs, plug it in and go.
yea I have the LG and my sister ( crazy4gamecocks) is right the darn this had two temp spikes once was 112 the other 110 it fryed my duck eggs on day 16- but right now it is the only bator I have so I moved it to a new place in the house - trying a few things different and so far they are doing alright - temps are holding- I candled them tonight day 5-- 3 out of 7 are showing veins so far.

Be very careful with it - they seem to be very sentive to the air around them, make sure it is in a room free of drafts - i have mine in the bedroom closet now- doing much better

If you cant aford a Hover then a LG is OK. A few key things are,
1. Make sure you check out your local feed stores or TSC, Thiesens, anyone like that. They usually carry them for about $40. Much less then you will pay on ebay.

2. Keep it in a draft free area, if you dont have one I recomend keeping a blanket over them to reduce the drafts. You also need it in an area that does not fluctuate in temp like a basement or hardly ever used room.

3. If you dont have many eggs to set get 20 oz pop bottles and fill them with warm to hot water and place them in to help keep the temp steady.

4 Most of the time it is easier to place a bowl of water with 2 spongesin it for humidity. On the last few days for what ever is hatching place 1 to 2 more sponges right on the bottom and you can run warm water on them from the air holes to keep the humidity up.

Lastly use the soft foam like skid resistant drawer liner on the bottom to help prevent the eggs from rolling on the wire.

I have finally started getting mine set for great hatches. The temps will fluctuate a degree or so off and on but I dont worry about it that much. Just like most things you just have to work with them a little to get the hang of it. Make sure you use some mut eggs to start so if something goes wrong you wont waste a ton of money right off the bat. I have 2 LG and a 3rd home made that I took the heating element and thermostate out of a LG that had huge holes in the foam. They all work just fine. Jenn
Okay, I've seen alot of posts about people keeping the incubators in the basement. What kind of basements do people have?? Ours is an old farmhouse basement, stone walls, dirt floor...creepy!! We don't use it for anything really, except the pump for water etc. Temperature wise, it is always cooler down there than the rest of the house, I just don't know if it would be good enough to keep an incubator down there.

Thankyou for everyone's comments and suggestions... I so want to try this hatching thing out!!
My basement is the same - CREEPY and COLD - I refuse to go down there......

I kept my incubator in our spare room....

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