Little roos

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    Jun 13, 2009
    white springs, fl
    I have 15 Leghorn 6 week old little roos...this morning as I was puttering about doing chores I heard the strangest noise...over and over again I heard this gagging, strangled, awful noise...I started walking about trying to trace the racket and got the the pen housing said little roos...the little jokers were trying to crow! And I gotta say, they weren't doing much of a job of it...they were so darned cute standing there all puffed up and posing...well, the "ladies" are right next door so maybe they were trying to impress them...they need a whole lot more practice before those gaggy noises turn into masculine, full bodied have to love the inborn ego...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Dec 8, 2011
    How cute! I love roosters. Here's a pic of loyd my rooster, just before he started to crow:) He recently moved to my friends farm. But he's still my baby bird.
    Should have known he was a rooster!

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