Little Serama Rooster in NY


6 Years
Jul 29, 2013
Cortlandt Manor, NY
I have a free 1 year old Serama Rooster looking for a new home. Can't have roosters where I live and his crowing is annoying the neighbors, although it's a pretty small, squeaky crow. Very cute little guy. His previous owner didn't keep their coop dry enough last winter so he lost part of his comb. In good health, very sweet. We have small children and he is very friendly with them and with us.

We are located in Cortlandt Manor, NY.
Do you have a pic of your Serama rooster? My daughter's Serama roo was killed by a hawk a few months ago & she misses him. We're in Dutchess county.
Hi again!

I've never shipped any animals, and I'm not sure how to go about doing that...

As far as a picture, I was hoping to get one on here soon, but it's POURING outside right now and he's huddled somewhere in the woods with my hens. I will try to get one as soon as they come back and put it up! :) Thanks for the interest and sorry about your other roo!!
I'm interested in adopting him. I live in NY, not far away from you. I love roosters. Is he a true Serama? I would come to pick him up in person. Can you post a photo?

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