live from Austin Texas


6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
Austin Tx
Howdy everyone. I've watched this site for over a year now and am finally a member! I needed to replace a few mystery disappearances. One chicken era one due to what can only be described as UFO abduction and one veered too close to the dog pin. (Dog has been removed). Unfortunately I can't yet bid on auctions so I had to watch so,e lovely MF Cochin's slip through my fingers :(
Welcome to BYC
If you have chickens disappearing you might have a predator taking them. Lots of predators sneak around when we're not around, like in the middle of the night.
pump up your post count and you will be participating in the buy, sell trade forum - you only need 11 more, you can do it. Visit some threads and make a comment.

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