Livestock reduction in Aiken, SC

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    Livestock reduction sale in Aiken, SC
    1. 13 EE chicks, 8-16 wks old. These are culls from my wheaten/blue wheaten Ameraucana breeding project. For one reason or another, they do not meet the standard for an Ameraucana show quality chicken and I'm selling them as EEs. They will lay beautiful blue eggs and will make a sweet and pretty addition to your backyard flock. I will sell all 13 as a group for $30, or $3/ea straight run.
    2. 2 OE chicks, abt 12 wks old. These are a cross out of my French Black Copper Marans hen, and sired by a wheaten Ameraucana rooster. They will lay a beautiful olive green egg. $3/ea
    3. Various older EE and OE pullets and cockerels. These are 4-6 months old and some of the hens are near point of lay. I need the pen space and am letting these guys go for $5 ea obro. You will get a lovely mix of blue, light green, and olive green eggs out of these birds.
    4. Mature OE rooster. He's beautiful, but I don't need him in my breeding program. Come get him before he goes to the freezer camp - he'll produce some beautiful little chicks for you! $10
    5. Pedigreed, proven producer, New Zealand white doe. "Zoe" is out of Billy Carter lines. She is 2 years old and has produced 3 healthy litters for me - all from 7 - 9 kits and has done a wonderful job of raising them. She is the last of the NZWs and I need to move her out of the pen - $25.
    Make me an offer and you can take them all home! Email me at [email protected]
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    If you are willing to ship i would like to purchase the 13 EE and the 2 OE chicks I live in Cootontown, TN

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