Local Dewlap Goose, not sure what breed, can you help?


7 Years
May 28, 2012
The only person who was maintaining him and a muscovy has just moved out so it has kind of fallen to us. He is a very sweet bird, but i am trying to learn what i can about them. does anyone know what breed he is? also, the wing issue, is it something that a vet should be looking at? him and the muscovy nest on the little lake we live on, i would like to learn what i should be feeding him, etc. any help is appreciated

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I'm glad he is a big friendly goose. I think he is an African mix. I see goslings in the photos - Is he hanging out with the wild Canada geese flock?

If he is older there isn't really anything that I know of that can be done about angel wing. I don't think it is a painful condition.

I'm sure he does a lot of grazing with the other water fowl on the pond. Farm and feed stores may have water fowl feed or a feed called flock raiser. They come in big bags and you would need to be sure to store it in dry conditions ( sealed in a plastic or metal bin), because it would take a while for a couple of water fowl to finish the bag. You would want to make sure it doesn't get moldy. Only put out what they would eat within a day to also prevent mold.
Thanks! That is very helpful! Yes every year he plays grandpa to a goose family, very paternal. He really is a great bird. Thank you for the help, my fiance keeps giving him bread and cheerios and i dont want to kill him with food.
Tell them not to feed bread any more its not to good for them..

LIke the above posted said a water fowl flock raiser food would be good.

I offer mine that plus cracked corn and as a treat but not always I mix in soaked oats to their feed I soak them so they don't block their crop when they swell. No matter what you feed them they will try to wet it so it will swell once in the crop.

They love Bananas Strawberries and watermelon. Good treats :)

This is my girl Gum Drop she is an Brown African Goose

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Although a bit of bread won't kill him, too much is like feeding him a diet of candy. Even a handful (not a lot) of cat food or dog food is better than bread. Some people give a little dry pet food to their geese to supplement their protein.

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