"lock down" broody hen?

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    ....the way all you enablers do with 'bators?

    i have 3 broody orps sitting on eggs right now. none of my girls will come off of the nests on their own to eat/drink/dust/poooooop - probably due in large part to them being used to me booting them once or twice a day (a habit which evolved when they went broody and i was trying to break them by multiple unceremonious removals-from-nest per day). i have no idea tho - should i stop doing that around day 18ish just like i would if the babes were in a 'bator? or just keep doing what i've been doing?

    they are all in broody coops of their own (about the size of rabbit hutch and with a separate nesting box area) and i usually boot them in the morning and they stay out for around 15 or 20 minutes (mostly spent dust bathing) - and have only bumped them for a second outing the past 2 days because we've had some record high temp days (up 30 degrees from the record cool temps we were having just days ago - ARGH) and want mostly to make sure they're hydrated, etc. i figured it wouldn't be too harmful for the eggies since it's been in the 90's ouside anyway.... [​IMG]

    so! continue booting til i see pipping/hear peeping or leave em be pretty soon? (day 16 today)

    thanks in advance! [​IMG]
  2. I have no idea. My understanding is to leave well enough alone...not that I can do that.[​IMG]
  3. Yeh, i've done broody lock-down around the last few days, or rather, they lock themselves down. At that point, i put water and food easily within reach, and even go out several times a day to hold the food and water containers up to their beaks so they don't have to move. i'll mash up hard boiled egg as a treat and hold a plate right under their beaks. i can generally get some nourishment into them this way. But if they refuse to eat for me, i just make sure it's close enough for them to reach without getting up.
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    Don't mean to start an old thread up again, but what happens when they need to poop? If they eat.. they have to poop :/
  5. Broodies can hold it for a long time, but yes they do poop, and OMG it is stinky! [​IMG] As long as the eggs are not in the midst of hatching, i try to pull out the poo mess and shove clean bedding back underneath. Once the chicks are hatched it's easy as the mom will get up several times a day to make sure her babies are eating. Once she is mobile, she tends to poo away from the nest. But while she is on the nest, i am basically her servant.

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