Lockdown Advice


8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hey guys, im approaching lockdown and was wondering if you had ANY important tips and tricks for this important time. Any advice and help would be great. Humidity advice, stuff like that. Many thanks in advance guys!
I cant get the humidity above 70% and I cant open it now to increase it! (im using a home made bator) Will this not be ok for them?
How big are the vents you have in the bator?? Is there any way you can spray into the bator with a misting bottle?? Humidity is raised by the surface area of the water inside- so spraying a mist will help to increase it.
The vent is more of a strip, so I could spray into it, but it might get the eggs wet, would this be ok? Also , I dont have anything to spray it with! Its bank holiday today and everywhere is closed! Could I drip water into instead?

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