Lockdown fast approaching! Need some advice.

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    Jul 7, 2011
    We are due to start lockdown on our eggs in the LG on Sunday. They have been in an egg turner the whole time. These are my questions as I am absolutely terrified I'm going to do something wrong.

    1. Should we set up a seperate hatcher? (I do not trust the LG to hold humidity for lockdown)
    2. Should we hatch in cartons since they have been upright the whole time?
    3. What is the proper humidity and temp. for lockdown?

    Anyone who responds, I thank you greatly. This has been a delightful but very stressful process. I can't wait to hear those little peeps:)
  2. thatduckguyy

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    Jul 25, 2011
    Put them in a seperate bator lying on their sides. Do NOT keep them in the turner, and not in an egg carton either. They hatch better on their sides, I hope this helped. [​IMG]
    Also are you dry incubating? The temperature should be around 97 - 98 and humidity around 60 - 70%.
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