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    Oct 26, 2016
    I have a hen who's eggs weren't due to hatch until the Wednesday/Thursday that's just past (she started sitting 19 January). Instead the eggs have been hatching, 1 or two a day since last Saturday (4 Feb) with the last one hatching on Tuesday (7 Feb). However she was still sitting on more eggs and being that I wasn't expecting them to hatch until the Thursday or so, I left them under her. Yesterday I candled them and found movement in 2 eggs. Today one has pipped and is chirping away from inside the egg.
    My question is, will this little one be okay with the others? A few will be a whole week older than it. And my Mumma hen doesn't really sit anymore as she's two busy scratching around with the other chicks. I do have another hen who's chicks hatched (on time, all pretty much at once) on Thursday. Or should I just keep it seperate at the moment?
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