Lonely Charlie in Florida-- Needs Help!!

I don't know, couldn't down load this.
I hope he'll be okay, and someone gets him.
OK I copied and pasted the letter... here it is.

Lonely Charlie

Hi, I’m Charlie.

I live on a little lake in a neighborhood in southern Florida. There used to be 5 of us here, but there were bad people who hurt my friends and took them away. Good people made them stop, but I’m the only one left now.

I don’t know how old I am, but the nice lady who visits me with her duckie thinks I’m probably 2 or maybe 3 years old. She tells me I’m beautiful and look pretty healthy. Did I tell you I’m a boy?

The nice lady comes here with her duckie and shares lunch with me. They have Mazuri food, and sometimes cracked corn, too. I like both those foods and eat it right up.

This is a nice lake, the water is clean and clear and I find plants to eat. Nice people sometimes bring me snacks, too. But I like to sleep a lot, you know, since I don’t have lots to eat and there’s no one for me to play with.

Sometimes little brown wild ducks stop by to visit me, but they never stay here all the time like I do.

I’m lonely.

A month ago a little alligator moved in at the other end of the lake. I don’t see him very often, but I’m sure I will when he gets older. Hurricane season is coming and the wind is so strong then…I don’t know where I’ll end up if the storms come and whisk me off the lake.

I’m afraid.

The nice lady wants to take me home with her duckie, but someone living at her home says that 2 ducks is too many, and I think she is worried about me, so she and her duckie visit me whenever they can.

I like my new friend, Callaloo, but she doesn’t like me and only wants to play with her mommy. I’m so lonely.

It would be really nice to have a pond to swim in without bad people or alligator neighbors. Can I come live with you? Will you take care of me and let me play with your duckies? Please??


Callaloo (foreground) and Charlie (background) at Palm Lake Wildlife Management Area in White City.

If you would like to adopt Charlie from his present living conditions in St. Lucie County, Florida, please contact Eva Ries at 404-388-6887 or email her [email protected] for help with humane collection so Charlie can come home to a safe, new home with you and your flock!​
I noticed on the forum there were people willing to try and transport some of the way, last update they said he was becoming lethargic, possibly from lack of nutrition. I don't think this woman lives close enough to feed him every day and alot of people are trying to help but everyone's just too far away I guess. I am way to far away but thought with so many members on BYC someone might be able to help.
ya seems he is a very friendly boy and must have been someones pet, it's sad he had been dumped there and wants/needs the attention of humans so badly. The fact that he has no idea how to protect himself from the weather or predators (which is what she has been explaining on the post recently) makes me really sad for him.
Poor Charlie... I hope someone sees his story and goes to pick him up soon. It terrible that people think that just because there is a pond- its a good place to dump an unwanted duck.
He's probably also surviving on bread from passing people when she's not feeding him. I wish I could be there to help.
If we can keep this post going maybe someone will see it before it's too late for him and be able to take him home. Poor boy. She can't find any rehabbers to take him and the people on the forum are just too far.

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