lonely chick


10 Years
Jul 29, 2009
out of 12 eggs i only got 1 baby.do you think she will be ok on her own or will she be to lonely? shes to young to be put in with my other babies.
thanks in advance....
Yes, she'll be lonely and most probably drive you batty with her endless peeping.
Do you have or can you purchase a feather duster? Sounds funny, but it works.
If you don't have one handy - it should be a clean one - try giving her a small stuffed animal or hand mirror for company.
Good luck to you!
i gave her one of my grand daughters stuffed animals but shes still doing alot of peeping.i feel sorry for her.she still isnt to good on her feet yet so im afraid to put her with my 2 week olds...
Yes, definitely don't want her in with them until they are about the same size and she can defend herself.
i actually put 2 of my smallest d'uccles in with her.they are very docile birds.so far so good.they are being very nice to her...
it should be fine with your two week old chicks i have had many hatches go bad and have maybe one or two eggs hatch and i would add them with the older brood after a week to where you know its getting around good.... id place it in there and watch the reaction of the others....and if they start pecking take it away and if they dont then leave it and check on it every so often
here they are.new photos....


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I put a week younger RIR chick with some Black Australorps and it did fine though it got pushed around a bit when they would stampede the food.

Did it stop peeping?
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well some....ive noticed that the d'uccles ive hatched takes alot longer to get around than any other kinds ive hatched...

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