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Apr 6, 2019
I acquired a peafowl was told he didn't get along with other birds. My chiclens snuck in his pen and he is super tolerance and nice to them.

I found a white peahen that is 6 years old. My guy is around 5.

If i go get this bird what is best way to introduce them. I was thinking a baby monitor at night maybe. Just dont want to come back to a red stained peahen.
Very valuable information. You always have the best answers.

Im sure its hard to help decide without knowing the birds history or actualy engaging with it.

I have no interest or intention of breeding the birds or even tryimg to get eggs. I enjoy its company. I know foe sure he hasnt been arpund other birds for over a year and a half. Would you suggest just enjoying him alone, or adding a friend. Room isnt an issue and if you think he should have a friend would it be better to add a male instead of female or would the dominanting be worse than a female.

*edit also he didn't really call out or be noisy during mating season like i was told he would be.
If you intend to keep him penned another pea is not necessary if he has other fowl around for company. Many people will free range a single bird but they run the risk of them wandering off at the beginning of breeding season. Two cocks penned together will not fight unless there is a hen present. Girls cause trouble between boys, that is just a fact of life. We maintain a 'Bullpen' for housing and growing out cocks for future use and some for sale. With around 25 to 30 cocks there is no fighting unless there are hens in the pen. During the winter it is fine but come breeding season all the hens have to come out.

So the short answer is if you keep him penned he is fine without a hen or another buddy although it is nice to have another type of bird around for company. If you want to turn him loose then a hen is a good idea. If you don't want to make chicks but want to have company for him I would suggest buying a Charcoal hen as they do not lay eggs.

He used to roost in the tree i built his coop over(looks like oversized fairy house) . Since the chicken (hens) got in his pen and keep insist on staying there he now roost on the same lumber the chickens roost on. He always roosted on the high branch before the hens insisted on getting in after sealing up small holes.

As long as i keep the pen really clean with the 1 silkie(has a gold collar seems to have crush on the peacock ) 2 twins mary kate and ashykey seabrites (never been separated always sleep as close to each other az possible. ) and the peafowl. If they all roost together and have no anger towards each other it should be safe for all fowl involved?

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