Long solid black chick poop


Jul 21, 2019
I’ve got a baby chick poop question I’m hoping I can get some help with. The chick in question is an (almost) 3 week old Buff Orpington. She seems mostly healthy. I’ve seen her eat, drink, and she is active running around the brooder and engaging in normal baby chick things. The only thing that started to concern me is that she chirps loudly frequently. Not quite as loud as the “help me” chirp baby chicks can make, but just a little lower than that. I’ve actually decided to name her Karyn due to all her squawking😂 I was concerned about this behavior at first but since she seemed healthy otherwise I figured she was just going to be a noisy lady. However tonight I saw her go to the bathroom and it looks different than what I’ve seen before. I’ve attached a picture...it’s long and dark brown almost black. It’s also very solid looking (I didn’t investigate any further than looking at it). The chick/chicken poop I’m used to is typically on the more moist side? Sorry this is so gross to describe!

Any one have any experience with something like this? If it was one or the other symptom I might not be too concerned but since both are presenting now I figured I should reach out to the experts to see what you guys think!

Side note I thought of while typing this out: I did add a small dust bath for them a few days ago...it’s filled with peat moss.This specific chick does love to go in it and scratch/peck around, so maybe that is causing this different dark solid poop?
Thanks in adavance for your insights on this!☺️


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