Longtime lurker coming in


Jun 18, 2017
Hello all!

Thank you for all the advice and chuckles over the past year! My Boyfriend found you last April when we got our peeps. 2 BSL, 2 GLW, 2 EE, 2 SS, 3 cuckoos, and a bantam Cochin roo. Built our coop and run with input from this forum fully lined with hardware cloth = $4K and it's going to take a bear to get in there. Added 3 alpine goats in September. Missed the advice about building a bigger coop to compensate for wanting more chickens :(. Currently have 3 week old peeps I put under the broody speckled Sussex that couldn't be broke. Nope. Tried all of your tricks and after 6 weeks we had to do it. She's done being a ma now so if anyone wants 2 nhr and a bsl in the nh vt area I have some. Have another mean broody I'm not even going to bother with. That little bantam roo has good fert rate with 2 ladies so we gave meany a clutch last week. Fun times!

Oh. I love Roos. My little bantam is the best! And deep litter. Thanks for that!


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