LOOK at my new spoiled rotton baby!New video, 12/6/11

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    You can train them to use the litter box or go outside (although I've heard they won't be able to hold it for long until they are 6 months old), Hilda is using a litterbox now (she has her own, but recently desided she likes the cats better). I plan to start taking her outside to poop once it warms up, I've heard they prefer to poop outside. We'll do a combo, outside when possible, but still have a litterbox just in case.

    Get little Patunia back outside and start taking pics! I need to get Hilda outside, and get some pics, although my camera has been doing an ok job inside. Hilda also hates having her harness put on, she fine once it's on. I've seen some made for PBPs that clip around the neck and around the belly, I'd really like to get one of those, but I may wait til she's done growing.

    They are smart, and learn really quickly, I just have to deside what to teach next, I'm thinking about teaching her to sit up!
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    aww, what a piggy [​IMG]
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    They are easier to house train or litter box train than puppies. In fact, when my Quimby had to go you didn't want to be standing between her and the litter box! She would run you down to get into it.
    I have pots of my own and have enjoyed reading this thread. I did want to warn you about the pig being with the dogs. 90% of the time all will be well. But never leave the pig at home alone with the dogs. For safety's sake when you aren't at home keep the pig in a different area.
    They do get along really well. But in nature a dog/wolf is a natural enemy of a pig...especially the young ones. And if they are left unattended something can get out of hand and the pig will be injured by the dogs. Especially if there is more than one dog. Pack mentality can take over and the pig would be in trouble.
    Just wanted to give you a heads up. Enjoy your piggies...they are soooo cute!
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    Quote:This is soooooooooooo wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    chilling in muscadine { I love being disfunctual }

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    Quote:Thanks for the word up but I already am very aware of the dangers that could happen to her. She will be living with 9 dogs and she loves the dog. She wants to play with the dogs. I have some breeds that don't have the best reps so that is why I have stated I will not be taking any chances with her. My 80lb pittbull that lives in the house is 12 years old now but when he was younger he was a terror. He has seperation anxiety and would tear the house up if left alone so for the last 12 years there has been one of us with the dog 24/7. We will just do the same thing with pitunia. If a occasion comes up where I don't have a baby sitter I take the animal in question to the vets office for him to babysit for me. My vet doesn't charge for this survice. 7 of the dogs have done quite well with her, there are two I'm worried about and they are both pittbull/blue heeler mixes. I have 4 dogs in the house that are of this breed. They fight in a team. Pitunia will be riding with me when I leave the property. Summertime will mean early in the morning and late in the evening trips since it gets to hot for an animal in a car. We have managed this procedure for 12 years now so it want be anything new to us. When going outside for any reason she will be with me.

    She has accepted me now and if I get out of her sight she starts pitching a fit. I can't wait to teach her some tricks. She has brought some much needed joy into this house. I can't wait to see whats ahead for us.
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    Quote:Why do you need to have her spayed? It's not as though there are lots of stray potbelly pigs running the streets.
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    Me and Pitunia getting ready for a nap!


    I'm creating one very spoiled pig!
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    Aww, She is beautiful. I love her name. I just read that pigs are one of the smartest animals [​IMG]
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    Apr 24, 2008
    I'm just curious, can you potty train a pig???

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