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Mar 23, 2008
I got no responses so I changed the headline.

With newly hatched Australorps, does yellow on the head automatically mean male?

Thanks in advance!
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Funny title! You got me to look.

I've never had an Australorp chick. I ordered some once, but the hatchery made a substitution. Bummer.

I didn't know that Australorp chicks had a spot on the head. I thought they were just like little penguins, black with yellow underneath.

Sorry I'm no help, but at least I gave you a bump.
Well you got me to look!
I have 3 Australorp pullets who are 7 weeks old.

Here's how they looked as little babies.

Not sure how much yellow on the head you mean, but two of our girls, Lucy and Ethel, certainly had some
I have no idea. I do know that the red starts coming into the comb real quick with them. At a month we were able to tell that one of the little girls was going to be named Vin- as in coq a vin. The feed store threw in an extra pullet with the perchase of six so it's not like we payed for the little guy. I seem to remember that they all had different amounts of yellow on the head.
Very Sneaky! Love the title! I'm glad I'm not the only one with that problem sometimes! I told my daughter I thought maybe I had chicken cooties, so no one would hardly answer me!
I'm not sure about the australorps having a sex link. I would keep an eye on their combs. In most chicks, the males combs turn a redder color, and are noticably larger than the females. I hope this helps you out some.
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