Looking for 6-hole foam egg shippers

Missouri Chicken Chick

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8 Years
Jan 29, 2011
About a year ago I bought some six-egg foam shippers and now I can't seem to find the supplier where I purchased them. I have had GREAT results with these shippers and I am about out of my current supply. Does anybody know a good source for buying these shippers? The particular ones I have right now measure approximately 6" x 7". They have spots for six eggs cut out, but still have that cutout "plug" intact. You just remove the "plug", cut it in thirds and place those pieces back into the bottom of the shipper. Then I inserted the eggs and then used the other thirds to cover the top. The eggs were then placed in a priority box marked "this end up" to try and make sure the eggs stayed as upright as possible (small end down, of course). Anyway, I live in Missouri and have shipped eggs all over the country. So far I have had about an 85% success rate on hatches from my buyers, so I would really love to find more of these shippers. Anyway, thanks for any info you could provide.

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