Looking for 6x6 shed/coop


6 Years
Jan 15, 2014
Hi I am looking for a larger coop for my girls. Im in northern NJ and need it to be under $300.
Doesn't matter if its a current shed (I can convert it myself) or a current coop but looking for 6x6 aprox size. (Smallest total size would be 35 square feet)
Please private message me with what you have (pics if possible) how much your asking & where you are located. Thanks!
I made mine out of a 4x8 vinyl shed I found at Lowe's. Cut upper vents and added vent screens plus roost.. Threaded extension cord through one for fan or heat lamp. Easy to shovel out litter, hose down and Clorox flooring. Have one door shut, the other on a bungy so wind won't blow it open and they can go in and out at will. Nest box on the floor.
That's kinda what I have planned but need wooden one (in NJ so think vinyl will get too cold in winter) and the cheapest wooden one I've found at home Depot/lowes is $500
Just can't spend that much :(
Have you looked at a metal shed kit? Home depot has a 6'x8' for under $250 it wouldn't take much to insulate it. Styrofoam sheet insulation sandwiched between the metal and a sheet of thin plywood would do!
I am not sure where in NJ you live but I am in PA which isn't too far away and we are trying to get rid of our old chicken coop. It is a bit older/used and we are asking $50 for it. I beleive it is around 8ft by 4ft and around 6/8 ft high. Has a metal roof, large door for cleaning, chicken door, and two windows for lots of ventilation. The glass in the windows needs to be replaced but it has great bones and is very solidly built. It could be nice with a little sprucing up and worked wonderfully for our chickens.


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