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    There MUST be something like this on the market, tell me where to find it? (Maybe to buy, or possibly just to look at and then make one myself LOL)

    I am looking for something that is like a leash-collar combo, NOT a slip collar but a regular fixed-size buckled-style one. It would probably be a single long strap with a snap at the end and then a d-ring partway back so that you would wrap it around the dog's neck, snap the snap to the dee, and off ya go.

    The reason I want something like this is because it is really really annoying, both to me and to Russell, to have the metal snap from his leash banging against his upper legs and knees when he walks along with his nose down sniffing. So I want something with a less dangly and less heavy clunky connection between leash and collar. The abovementioned arrangement is how I'd do it if I were making one myself. But not knowing what strength hardware I need to use (and he does lunge hard against the leash every now and then) I would like to at least *look at* a commercial version, maybe even buy one.

    Or any other design for a fixed collar with a nondangly nonclunky connection to the leash.

    Thanks for any 'leads' LOL,

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    Have you thought about a harness, I use one because my puppy's breed is prone to trachea collapse. But she is only 7lbs.But I know they make bigger ones. I use a retractable leash also so there is no slack.
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    Why don't use just use a rein with a Chicago screw or English style buckle and use a rivet to make a loop for your hand?
  4. patandchickens

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    I want to try doing some tracking with this dog next year, in which case harness will mean 'you can pull to show me where the scent is going' not 'please walk quietly on a loose leash next to me', therefore would prefer not to use a harness for walkies right now. Otherwise it would certainly make sense.

    Quote:I want something easy to put on and off the dog, though. Well I suppose I could buy a second collar (to put on/off the dog for walks while his ID collar stays on) and put the rein permenently on that... that's not a bad idea actually, and it's not like I dont' have a buncha spare reins around that I could use. Hm, maybe I will do that, at least for now. Thanks!

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    http://www.genuinedoggear.com/GDL-BRFL-HU-ML-dog-dog_braided_leashes.html would be the style I'd go for. It's very light with no dangly bits and it's very soft and easy on your hands. You can close up the limited-slip buckles to make a single-size collar but most people leave some give.

    Check out anything called a kennel lead, limited slip lead, handler's lead, agility combo lead. Any of those is designed for quick on and off and nothing metal that will hit the dog. If you want maximum ridiculous-looking but incredibly comfortable, Fluggles agility leads are very soft on the dog and your hands.
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    Apr 19, 2008
    I have one just like you want..not parting with it tho,,I got mine at the MN horse expo a couple years ago..
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    Don't know how big your dog is but when i need a harness i use a horse or pony halter , they work great and you can clip a leash at many areas if needed.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Windrider

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    got one of these martingale/lead combos for the exact reason you said - annoying dangly snaps. The wide padded ones are usually used with sight hounds, but the rolled one works great for my collie even with all the hair. Easy to slip off in the agility ring, but she can't pull out of it herself, even with that narrow head of hers. I know you said you didn't want a slip lead, but martingales are limited slip.

    There are also lots of different multipurpose leads out there. I've seen exactly what you are looking for, but can't find it online right now. This place has some similar stuff:

  9. Cargo

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    Sep 28, 2010
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    is where I get my stuff to make leashes and collars.
    Couple of nice design concepts I like to include:

    Hand loop includes a side release buckle so that you can attach the leash to a pole, tree, etc. This also allows you to open the hand loop up bigger and clip around your waist for hands free walking/running. You need to add a hitch in the leash to keep the loop from closing too tight on your hand.
    Spindrift is located here in Bend so I stole the idea from them. They also put another hand loop down at the dog end of the leash. I suppose it is there for you to have close control of your dog. We have a corgi and a cairn terrier so it would be too low for us to use.

    One of my own inventions is to sew on a 2" piece of Velcro at the base of the hand loop. I use it to hold the poop bag dispenser to the leash. I like it a lot better than using the clip they come with because it does not flop around when walking. The Velcro is in place of the hitch I mentioned above and prevents the loop from closing too tight.
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    Quote:You can buy almost anything on the internet anymore!

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