Looking for chicken feet recipes . . .


8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
Champaign County, Illinois
okay, I know it sounds crazy but ever since I had chicken feet at a chinese restaurant during a trip, I have been thinking of saving my chicken feet to cook. Anyone have recipes? it doesn't need to be asian. Do they make decent broth? i know one of the things i liked about the restaurants' feet was the crispy chewy skin. If you are one of those people who like to nibble all the crispy skin off of the end of your hot wings
, you probably would have liked them too- that is if you can get over they still look like chicken feet.

So, anyone cook these?
Momagain1 how many feet do you use to how much water?

BTW, hi neighbor! I'm central IL too

Micheller1210 there is just something about crispy fat & skin that is just tooo tasty :) I had an uncle who loved chicken butt and we would save all the fatty little tail bits for him when we BBQed :) gosh, I miss Uncle Bob.

Chicken feet are great, scald them when processing your birds and peel the outer skin off, then trim its little nails off.

I throw a bunch in when making chicken soup/broth and they make the stock soooooo rich. It's like drinking chicken jello lol.

We just serve them on the side and some make a cream sauce for them. I'd imagine tossed in asian or favorite sauce would be great too tho they never seem to make it that far around here.

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