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Feb 28, 2011
Hello! I am new to the board and I need some help! (I think this is the right place to post this...)

We are looking to get 6-7 chicks to add to our family. They will be more like pets with the perks of eggs
I am having a hard time finding any local people here in GA to buy some chicks from. I am looking for day old or so chicks and here is my "list" of what we would like. I know without hatching these, it might be impossible to get them... but here you go. Americana's, Maran's, Blue Wyandotte, Olive Egger (would be nice, but my heart isn't set on it), Silver Laced Wyandotte. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!!!
you can talk to bargin, speckled hen and there are a few others on her that have chicks but i say you would get a strait run from them a 50/50 chance on being male and female... your best bet is probably going to your local TSC and getting out of the assorted pullets bin......they should have them the begining of march...
I am in Ga and have 42 eggs in a bator scheduled to hatch on March 16thish. Noe of the breeds you listed but if interested I have Orpingtons, Speckled Sussex, Black Austrolorps and Dominiques. I am 45 miles west of Atl.
Bargin has great eggs, I can only imagine the chicks would be great. Also if you have a local Stones home store they have a deal where ya. Buy a 50# bag of starter and get up to 8 chicks free. Where are you located in GA?
Well i am in north ga just north on Rome ga and i have blrw three color marans creel penedesencas
and i also have lots of chicks some are three days old
thanks and God bless

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