Looking for easter eggers,What hatchery has the most unique colors?

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  1. I am intersested in getting some more easter eggers. What hatchery has the most unique colors? Would like to see pics of easter eggers and what hatchery you got them from. If anyone in reasonable distance from my home has any adults,chicks or eggs that would be great too. Thanks

  2. Those pretty gals came from Cackle Hatchery in Mo. They just began laying small mint green eggs!

    Snoball was a very light colored chick. Now has more gray splashes on her

    Then Mustard, the one on far left arrived as a darker chick. She grew to a reddish with blue lacing
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    I got 25 EE pullets from Ideal in June. Their colors included solid white, the normal "hawk" color, buff and white, and some that were blue and brown like sackman's pullet. I was very happy with the variety of colors that I got. I, too, was looking for more unusual colors when I ordered them.
  4. Here's a better picture of the darker Ameracauna pullet, Mustard. I was looking for some dark red ones with strong blue, but am afraid those may be cockerel colors. Mustard has dusky blue and faded red feathers. While her neck has blue and more of a dark gold.
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    I got my three gals from through MPC; not sure which hatchery they drop shipped from. Sunny is starting to look interesting. She's the white one. What you can't really see very well in this picture is that she has gold feathers comming in on her head in an almost striped pattern. They're only 6 wks old so it should be interesting to see how dark the golden feathers get. Very neat. I'm not sure how 'rare' the coloring on my other two girls is but I think they're pretty. [​IMG]

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    Here are my wife's favorite chickens (both Easter Eggers from Cackle Hatchery). My understanding was they contract to local breeders who focus on color variation and egg production. We were very happy with all 5 we bought. Very friendly healthy birds and obviously beautiful. Goldielocks started out as a yellow chick with big muffs and Jasmine started as a chipmunk pattern and is now sporting a silver/gold feather combo. Pictures are from today. They seem to get more colorful with each molt. No eggs yet, but were expecting to test the "good egg production" boast sometime in October for these two.


    Princess Jasmine
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  7. Thanks for your replies.All the easter egger pics posted are of good looking birds. But it's looking like cackle may be my hatchery of choice. The pics of the birds that came from cackle resemble very closely to the pics on their website. Please keep the pics coming. Thanks

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    Just wanted to let you know, I ordered 5 in March from Cackle they sent me six, all were mostly red with whitish looking lacing. Very happy with them and their coloring, I'm going to try doing a breeding program with them next spring. They everyone of them were bearded (I think the breard or muff is very important on the EE).
    In July I ordered and recieved 25 pullets and 10 cockerals from Ideal in Texas, I recieved a very colorful assortment but most of them do not have a muff (beard on them). Going to have to do a lot of culling (the muffless ones wi;; go into a laying penfor eggs only).
    From my experience the more you order the more color assorted they will be. Overall I like Cackles best. Just my Opinion.
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    Here's a photo of one of the 4 EE pullets on left and a rooster I got at the end of May from McMurray's. The photo was taken at about 8/9 weeks but the beard/muff of all the birds is now showing very well. I originally had McMurray's EE's that I bred over 23 years using the best blue eggs for each hatching--unfortunately a weasel ended that experiment last spring when he killed my last 3 roosters (still have 2 hens but they are getting on in age).

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