Looking for Hands-on Backyard Processing "Tutor" in South Mississippi


May 11, 2020
South Mississippi
I'm just getting (back) into chickens and have a starter flock of seven Partridge Plymouth Rock with the intent of breeding them as full dual purpose birds. While establishing my flock, I'm considering raising a batch of hatchery excess cockerels to start putting homegrown birds on the table.

I've read several articles on butchering, but would love to participate with someone in my local area to get some practice before taking on my own cockerels.

Also interested in learning to canonize if anyone regularly practices in the south. (Figure I may have to travel more for this)
I first learned to process birds on YouTube a few years ago. It actually went pretty well. I wished I had someone to help first hand though.

I canonize each bird after cooking them. Godly indeed! Just kidding. I don’t know anything about caponizing.

Good luck!!
Did you know that under normal conditions, someClucky needs to have been processed at least 5 years ago and to have performed two miracles to be canonized? :)

On the other hand, a young little munchkin giving the Stink Eye can be caponized but is there anyone around who is skilled enough to do it?

We can have fun here in the Meat Birds section....
I think I found an appropriate prayer card!


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