Looking for LF Lavender Ameraucanas


11 Years
Jun 26, 2008
Greencastle, IN
I am looking for LF Lavender Ameraucanas. I will even take splits. I am wanting to start a Lavender project with my black hens. I will buy anything from breeding stock, young stock, or hatching eggs.

If ours keep laying and we get caught up on our orders, we may have some.
God's speed with your search. According to John Blehm's message that I read last night in this month's newsletter, they are extremely hard to find and in very short supply.

He's developing his own. If you can't find any, he may have some in a year or two.

God Bless,
I just had a great hatch with eggs from Harry Shaffer.I got 5 lavenders and 6 blacks from the eggs he sent me.You may want to try him.I am planning on breeding the lavenders to some of the blacks I am hatching from your birds to start a different line.
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Right now, I am going to try to develop my own for this year. My mother raises Bantam Ameraucanas. She has several nice lavender roosters. It will take several years, but I will get there. Next spring, I want to get some Lavenders eggs from another breeder. Hopefully, I will be where I want to be in several years. Thanks everyone.

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