Looking for other with "Obsessive Chicken Disorder" in my area...


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Nov 1, 2012
Winton, California
I'm new here and just started my flock a few months ago. I'm really excited to get to know others in my area, (Winton/Merced, California), who are just crazy about their chickens like me. I have 1 laying hen, (RIRmix), and 6 pullets, a Barred Rock, a Rhode Island Red, a Buff Orpington, 2 Americaunas and a Brown Leghorn. I absolutely adore my chickens and would LOVE to increase my flock as space allows. If I had tons of space I would add Silkies and Cochens to the mix. Due to limited space, there is only one other I am currently looking for and that would be a Black/Copper Marans pullet! So if anyone in my area knows where I can get one, I'd be much obliged. Other than this... I am happy to meet you all and hope to hear from others in my area... Tell me about your experience, your coops, your feed or just how amazing your chickens are. I can't get enough information or excitement about chickens!!!

Hi, welcome to BYC from Wi......glad u joined
Welcome! I'm new here myself, there is a great wealth of information here. I'm in northern Illinois, so not close to you, but I see I am close to Y N dottes lol. I hope you can find the chicken you're looking for!

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