Looking for Processor in East TN

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7 Years
Aug 29, 2012
I have already processed several birds myself. It never got easier, if fact each time I dreaded it more than the last. I do not enjoy doing it and I do not want to do it anymore. But I do enjoy the flavorful, healthy meat and I enjoy knowing that they have lived a good life.
I am having a terrible time finding a processor. One place I called even laughed at me this morning....

I am located about an hour northwest of Knoxville, not to far from the KY border. If anybody could tell me of any poultry processors near that area I would very much appreciate it.
For anyone else nearby that might need to know, I finally found three places.

SS Enterprises - Bowling Green, KY
Central Kentucky Meats - Liberty, KY (100 bird min)
Marksbury Farm - Lancaster, KY

I could not find anything in Tennessee, but I was told that a new processor would be opening in McMinnville sometime soon.

This is not to give any feedback bad or good, just to tell that these places currently process poultry.

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