Looking for pure amerucana egg shells.


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Red Lion
I am looking for anyone with pure amerucanas, that will ship me an empty egg. Cracked for breakfast, blown, hatched, anything.
I am trying to compare with my own amerucanas to help me determine if mine are laying a true color. I'm not compleatly sure mine are pure bred.
Any one willing, PM me please.
Hey NiteHunter ~ Are you in Red Lion York County? I'm in Dover! I have some Ameraucanas. There are so many shades of Blue that they lay ~ some even lay on the green side too.

Sorry so late. I've been so busy I forgot I made that post. I am in Red Lion, York County. I'd love to see your birds/eggs sgtmom52!
You could post pictures of your chickens most people could tell if they are true Amerucana's or not.

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