Looking for some help with my solar electric fence.

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8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
I have a Zereba Solar electric fence unit... It has been very cold here in New Jersey and we lose sunlight at about 4-4:30 in the afternoon. The fence has not been working because of this... Does anyone know if there is a way to still provide electricity to my fence when this happens? Car Battery? Anything? I want to make sure my birds are ok from the many raccoons, coyotes,un-hibernating bears and the fox... If you have any information that may help me please let me know. I appreciate it! Thanks!!!!

that is one reason i run a second wire 2 inches higher connected to a battery operated fence charger, as the solar charger doesn't get enough sun to charge it in the winter. Plus then if i get a week or more bad weather the rest of he year i am able to switch over to it then.
You might be able to connect another battery to power it, but it's hard to say without seeing your charger.

"Solar powered" is a misnomer

They are BATTERY powered fences, with Solar rechargers for the battery.

Batteries and cold weather don't do well together

If there is ANY way possible, you'd be better off using a plug-in charger
This is exactly why we switched to a small Zareba AC charger. We have owned two of th esolar units with bad results each time. We converted our whole farm to AC low impedence fencing powered by one giant Zareba AC charger.
Down here we don't get snow and stuff like you guys get up there. My battery has never discharged to the point where the fence didn't have a charge.
The day I bought mine I took it home unwrapped it and left it sitting on the kitchen table a couple days. The oldest boy (20+yo) just had to play with it. He managed to get the switch on and make contact to -- and +. Next thing I hear is him yelping and see him jumping around the kitchen. Point is it will charge inside sitting under fluorescent lights. So during the daylight hours when you are home. If its cloudy charge it inside, at dark hang it back on the fence when you need more protection. Not perfect but it may get you through the next few days.

That being said---- I have two fence chargers. A conventional 110vac and a solar charged unit. I keep the ac charger on my chicken enclosure, and the solar stays out in the field to provide sectional containment for the horse pastures.

The horses will not try a dead wire, they see the wire, they avoid it like a plague. Prior to comming to my place I think they were "learned" about hot wire.
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