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    Aug 30, 2016
    I had five chickens lost four to lighting hitting them one got injury on her wing been put antibiotic on it and giving her amoxicillin from the vet but need idea how to keep her from pecking it we try to wrap it but she just keeps pulling it off
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    Welcome to BYC. Can you post a picture of the injury? I would leave the wound open if possible, and apply Vetericyn or plain Neosporin ointment to it twice a day. If that doesn't sound like it would work, you can apply a figure 8 bandage with vet wrap to her wing for a few days. Here is a link (scroll down to Stabilization of a wing fracture) to read about that:
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    I disagree. Any open wounds need to be left alone. Chickens heal very well if they're allowed to preen and clean their wounds.

    In the future, if a chicken is wounded, flush the wound and clean out any large debris. Wash with diluted Hydrogen Peroxide, and isolate the bird until the wound heals. That's all you need to do.

    Washing with hydrogen peroxide after that just reopens the wound and slows healing. Slathering ointments onto wounds prevents the birds from rubbing their natural oils on the wound.

    The less you interfere, the better and faster she'll heal.
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