Looking to build my backyard flock: eggs and meat.

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    Hi all, new here.

    I had a small flock of mixed egg-laying chickens back in high school as a hobby and I am going to start up again. I've been looking into the different types, and I think this time I want do have some meat chickens as well as egg-layers.

    I am primarily interested in enough eggs for my immediate family, with some overflow going towards my the rest of my family. I'm thinking about a dozen or so a week will leave us with plenty for now. I see that the Buff Orpingtons are popular here because of their nature. But the RIR's seem to have much better production, I am thinking that instead of getting 4 BO's for egg production, I could get 2 RIR's and have a little more room for the meat chickens.

    I don't have unlimited room, so I am thinking this will be a more efficient use of space... if I have room for 8, I could have 6 in the freezer next fall and keep the two layers. With BO's I'd have only 4 meat chickens in the freezer with (I think) about the same egg production as two RIR's.

    Is this a good approach to take? Also, what kind of meat chickens should I look for?


    ETA: Is there any issue with mixing the laying hens and meat chickens in the same coop/run?
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