looking to rebuild my flock


7 Years
Oct 31, 2012
My flock was killed by a pack of dogs last week. So, I'm needing to start new. I can only have 4 birds now due to new city regulations. Has anyone had any experience in getting 4 different types of birds. I'm thinking of getting 1 of each type...Buff Orpington, Barred Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red & Black Australorp. I'm just worried that I will have 4 loners & they won't be paired up like my last chickens were. I had 2 each of the Barred Plymouth Rocks & 2 Rhode Island Reds. They tended to buddy up by type.
I've always kept an assorted flock and I have often had just one of a specific breed in the flock and never had a problem. While I often see birds of the same breed hanging out or roosting with each other I've also had hens of different breeds who were very close friends. They will be happy in their own little flock regardless of whether or not they have a twin!

Sorry you had a nasty incident with a dog.

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