loose dog troubles


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Apr 14, 2010
Like its been said a dozen times, start by keeping your dogs at home, second build a run or coop, third work with the neighbor (sounds like he's reasonable). If you've done your part and he's not doing his then I would shoot the dog, but when working with a reasonable neighbor that should be the last resort.

He wants you to chase his dog off? ask him if you can use that BB gun for that, it will sting him but do little if any harm ( I use to shoot my neighbors dog with my BB gun from out of my back door). .22 could kill a dog, its all shot placement, its an old farmers trick to shoot them with a .22 so they would run away so you don't have a dead dog on your yard.


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Well, I suppose I opened myself up for a few of these responses. It's ashame some people are so assuming and mean in their responses (as in I have no sympathy for you....). Sorry I wasn't clear in my question. I should have only asked the question I needed answerered. I didn't type full details of what I do w/my dogs regularly since I was only looking for a type of rubber bullet suggestion or something that would not kill the neighbors dog only sore it's tush into not coming over near my chickens. I will clear up that I do not allow my dogs to roam the neighborhood. THey are inside dogs. We have only been here a few weeks and the first two they stayed on the property only close to the house when let out to potty. Then the one decided to roam a bit and went with his dog to eat the food (once). I have already started leashing her if I am not out with them. I told him I was doing that but he did not agree that should be the case. He said in the country dogs should be free to roam. Yes, to the person who said I let this happen by setting up bad habbits. Clearly I see that now but he told me when I moved in that the dog had never harmed the other neighbors chickens so wrongly I trusted her and let her romp (again when I was outside as I was when the attack happened) with our dogs in our yard (not letting them form a pack off killing others animals). After the attack his wife said the other neighbor did not let her near her chickens so the husband had clearly misspoken in the first place. This week so far yelling at her to leave loudly and putting her on her leash and taking her back has been all we've been doing . I am praying this is what will work (eventually her stop coming at all) and I never have to hurt her...she is not a horrible mean dog. The owners are not horrible people either. We have a difference of opinion on leashing clearly and I can't change that so I will have to resort to the electric fencing as soon as I can.
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You need a fence. The rule is "predator or pet is determined by which side of the fence the dog is on"
Not sayin it's right of the neighbor to let his dog roam, but it clearly defines YOUR RIGHTS which is nice.

If your dog ends up in my fenced and locked yard, I'm going to shoot it on sight.


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If it's that nice of a dog and you can handle it, make the dog disappear. Take it to the pound in another county. Otherwise, you will have to go to great expense to save your chickens. I think I remember you writing that his dog jumps fences so it will be difficult to even fence it out.


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Paint ball gun might help you a bit or get yourself a cattle prod and give the dog a good zap in the but!! You can also leash there dog and call animal control to come and pick up a "stray dog that is chasing your chickens". Hope it works out for you!


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When you post a situation, the members who answer can only go on what you have told them when they post a response. When you said your dog was eating his dog's food, that sounded like your dog was regularly roaming as well. Still, a fence of some type is definitely in order, IMO. Good luck with your situation.


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Apr 14, 2010
Quote:A BB gun will work fine, paintball would be much better (it will let the neighbor know where their dog has been), but be careful if the neighbor's don't like it that your shooting their dog.
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