Loose stools


Oct 12, 2019
Hi, my chickens are almost 7 months old and I have started noticing very loose stools and some brownish stools. They get their layer feed, because all of them are now laying, and they get clean water every day and at about noon I give them a scattering of the five grain feed, then about 4 o’clock I give them a treat of Romain lettuce with some shredded carrots and some cut up cucumbers and some meal worms that have beetles and flies in it. I bought a bag of that from tractor supply..... They love meal worms, and I just thought that this would give them extra protein with the beetles and the flies in it. Could this possibly be what is causing their loose stools. 75E56D7B-33D1-45E6-BFA2-6E43BD163D11.jpeg E520A32C-384B-448B-B0C3-B716F2647657.jpeg 2819B2C8-4CA7-43B5-A2B0-C0350CF913DD.jpeg 376E2B7D-D7E7-43DD-928D-00CB72CFA55C.jpeg
I would cut back on the scratch, vegetables, and meal worms, and give their layer feed as 90% of their total intake. They really don’t need anything else, but you could give a small treat once in awhile. If you have a vet who will do a fecal float to look for worms or coccidiosis, that would be good.

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