Losing all her feathers....


11 Years
Apr 18, 2008
Seattle Washington
I know my flock is molting by seeing a few feathers here and there. But my golden wyandotte is losing all of her feathers!!!! I can pick the feathers right off her... no problem. She shakes and the feathers fly.
She a year and a half. I know she's not picked on.

Does anyone know what this could be... she's one of my favorites!
I haven't been through a molt yet with mine, but I've read here that they need extra protein during this time. Supplement them with black sunflower seeds or cat food.

Hopefully someone will post with more information for you.
I give them black sunflower seeds everyday...
hmmm cat food... never thought of that.
Thanks so much for your reply ~
Oh I hope that's what is going on with her...
I'm sick about it.

Our feed and seed store said it might be a genetic disorder...

We get so cold here in the Pacific NW I don't know she'd last the winter

But thanks for you're reply... I'm glad to see that their is another naked chicken in the world~

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