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Jun 19, 2012
I had 75 eggs in the incubator, and this morning lost power for five hours, the temperature dropped to 68degrees, are the eggs dead or still have a chance?:(
Are you able to candle them by chance? Dont give up on them quite yet. Let them warm up completely and by the next day you should candle them. When the chicks are happy and warm they wiggle. Give them atleast till you go to bed and if you dont want to accidently throw away a chick candle it first thing in the morning. Ive had eggs that have gone with out heat and they were just fine (when it was cooler summer weather.. As long as it doest drop below 68 for a few hours then they are fine. Next time try covering it with thick blankets and use handwarmers if its a long period of time.
I will give it a try tonight, it was annoying because they were All fertile, and about the covering I didn't think of it being gone that long :/
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Yeah it is a bummer when that happens. Hopefully the little buggers didnt mind it to bad and that you didnt lose many. When that happens I just Mark the eggs that dont seem to be moving and just throw them out the next day if there is no change. I had a clutch of eddy traver eggs that had that happened to. And thought for sure they were dead because they werent moving. Starting carrying the eggs to the garbage (in tears of course). When one of them started chirping at me from inside the eggs. I guess the warmth of my hand woke them up enough.

And want to edit this in. One of those chicks is the same one thats in my Avatar. So glad I didnt accidently toss her. She is something else ;-)
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Thanks for that, got abit more hope now that'll hatch hopefully:D
I just checked acouple of the clearer eggs I think I can see it move I checked twice to make sure it wasn't because of it moving once I picked up but it look like something was alive in there:D
Thanks, yeah I am, im glad to cause I had some fertile eggs from a good quail I had that died, so I hoping some turn out like him
Im getting so excited that I might get quail this coming spring.. Sad you lost your kiddo but you get the chance to introduce many of his fluffy butts to the world.. and thats allot of quail lol

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