Lost 3 birds this summer...one tonight. :(


11 Years
Dec 19, 2008
Hi all. Well, we've caught a lot of interesting animals on our game camera. We've caught a coyote, some skunks, some raccoons, a fox and a large but domestic cat. Back in July, we were out grilling and we were near this old metal shed we have. Our birds like to dust bathe behind this shed and It's very woodsy. We were talking when they all flew out and started squawking. We lost a bird then, but she wasn't very high in the pecking order so we think she was just snatched. Then, two days we were just cleaning up after supper when our neighbor called and said she heard our birds making noise and wanted to make sure everything was ok. We went out and gathered them all up and found the dreaded pile of feathers. They were put on "lockdown" for about a week. It's been going good until now. Well, I was just up in my room when I heard a bunch of commotion downstairs. I ran out and I saw right away that it wasn't my sister's special bird, Penny, but I saw my dad carrying our bird Eve up. Turns out my dad saw it happen, ran out and scared off a bobcat. I hate the "feather crime scene" as we call it. She had the puncture wounds on her neck and was...gone of course. We got the other now 6 birds (Our chickens are our hobby) put away but as angry as I am at losing one of our birds, I'm just glad the predator didn't get to have a meal. We still don't know what got our other two but I just needed to talk about it. Thanks for listening.
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