Lost 4 turkeys and a duck!


10 Years
May 2, 2009
Woods, TX
I have lost 4 turkeys and my black cayuga hen in the past week. My Pyreneese took off about 4 weeks ago and now the neighbors lab has figured out that he is gone. I have 2 new pyrenees but they are pups(7&9 weeks). I talked to him this morning after I ran the dog off again. He is going to chain her but for how long? I really hate to shoot my neighbors dog but! I am 39 and he is 34 so we will be neighbors for a long time. The dog killed my 3 yr RP tom, a 2 yr blue slate hen, sweetgrass jake and a RP hen who just started laying. The dog got her off her nest just as she layed an egg. Sucks!
We talked again this afternoon and he agreed the dog had to go. He was going to try and find a home for it while it is chained but also told me if he couldnt find a home then I could take it off and do what I wanted as long as his daughters and wife don't know. She is a 1 year old black lab but is really aggressive! She actually bit his father when he came over to visit and has come at me. I told him several months ago he should get rid of her because he has little girls and I work around dogs everyday at different vet clinics all over East Texas and I told him she could not be trusted with kids.

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