Lost a girl overnight

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    Nov 12, 2008
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    I locked up the girls last night and noticed one of them was sitting quietly starring at the corner. I gave her a gentle poke and she barely moved. I went out this morning and she was sitting in the same place, same position only now she was dead. She was our "broody hen," she had gone broody this spring and I thought she was going to starve herself to death but eventually she broke. She was about 18 months old and until last night had shown no signs of odd behavior.
    I know this isn't a lot of info but I am hoping for input. My big concern is for the rest of the flock, I hope it isn't something that could spread. Any help would be great. I am not ruling out doing a postmortem but I doubt I will have time as Sunday is my only day off. If there are other signs to look for I'd appreciate the help.
  2. dawg53

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    Sorry you lost her. Without more information it's difficult to try and surmise why she died. There are many many things that could've contributed to her death. Again, sorry.
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    so sorry> hope someone here has some ideas.
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    So sorry. [​IMG]

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