Lost a magpie duckling last night :'(


May 8, 2017
Upstate NY
Last night I got home from work and noticed one of my three two-week old ducklings wasn't walking around. It was the magpie duckling which was the weakest upon arrival but I nursed her back to health. Her foot was curled up into itself and she looked weak. She has always been smaller than the other two ( one is a rouen, the other a blue Swedish). I got on here and looked at some other peoples posts and I splinted her little foot onto a fitted piece of cardboard with medical tape and I put electrolyte solution into her water and made her drink some. She just laid lifeless in my arms and called for the other two. I laid her close to the food and water and the other two came right over and laid next to her to keep her warm. I have been feeding them duck and game feed so I thought that would be sufficient with what they need for nutrients. The other two along with my five week old pekins are thriving. I cut them up fresh fruit and vegetables and put it in their water for treats and give them meal worms and such. Is there something I did wrong or could have done to prevent her death? I feel so terrible. :'(


Feb 21, 2016
Cumbria, UK

It sounds like you tried everything you could of done, but unfortunately it does sometimes happen :(. Try not to blame yourself and try to focus on your other two lil' duckies.


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